German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

Today’s world and life is increasingly dominated by technology. This growing importance of technology requires a sound and professional involvement of science and technology in the public discourse. To this end, acatech was founded in February 2002. Initially labelled Council for Technical Sciences of the Union of the German Academies of Science and Humanites, acatech became the German Academy of Science and Engineering in 2008 with federal and state support. 

A non-profit organisation, acatech, its name combining academia and technology, represents the interests of German science and technology in Germany and abroad in a self-determined, independent way conductive to the common good.

Reinhard Hüttl and Henning Kagermann. , Presidents

Hofgartenstr. 2
Munchen 80539

+49 (0) 89 -5 20 30 90
Fax: +49 (0) 89 -5 20 30 99