Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EA CR)

The Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EACR) is a selective non/profit organisation of indivial members. It was founded on February 7, 1995.
The principal aim of EACR is to foster technical sciences, to build bridges between the spheres of research and development and the sphere of implementation, to contribute to an increase of the competitiveness of Czech economy and to participate in guaranteeing technical education. The activities of EACR are executed through an 11-member Council, a 3-member Nominating Committee, a 5-member Controlling Committee and 7 professional sections.

Prof. Miroslav Vaclavik , President

Narodni trida 3
110 000 Prague 1
Czech Republic

+420 2 2424 0530
Fax: +420 2 2424 0530