Sept. 15, 2016 CAETS Council Meeting, London

September 15, 2016 12:00AM

Council Meeting

1000 - 1600 Thursday, September 15, 2016

Riverside Room, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place, London

Summary Minutes

Draft 7 March 2017


1.   The President welcomed all and invited self introductions of those present.

2.   The draft agenda was approved.   

3.   The Summary Minutes of the Council Meeting of  October 16, 2015 were approved.  The Secretary noted that the Summary Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting of October 12, 2015 and of Executive Committee Meeting of March 15, 2016 were approved by the respective bodies.

4.  The Secretary reported that at its meeting on 12 September 2016 the Board of Directors:

  1. Received the Report of the Audit Committee concerning FY 2015;
  2. Approved the proposed FY 2017 Budget.
  3. Recommended that the Council approve continuing the current dues structure for FY 2018.
  4. Discussions on other topics will be noted when those topics are discussed by the Council.

5a.   The Council elected the following to the 2016 CAETS Board of Directors:

President-elect              Lucio Caceres                      ANIU, Uruguay

Member1                      Vladimir Andročec                 HATZ,Croatia

Member1                      Frank Behrendt                       acatech, Germany

Member1                      Trueman Goba                        SAAE, South Africa

Member1                      Ulrich (Ueli) W. Suter             SATW, Switzerland

                1 Term is 2017 and 2018


5b.       As recommended by the Board, the Council approved continuation of the current dues structure for FY2018.  [The current dues structure is:$1,000: ANI, Argentina; BACAS, Belgium; HATZ, Croatia; EA CR, Czech Republic;  MMA, Hungary;, Netherlands;  IAS, Slovenia; SAAE, South Africa.  $2,000: ANIU, Uruguay.  $3,000: CAE, Canada; ATV, Denmark;  TAF, Finland; NATF, France; acatech, Germany; NAEK, Korea; AI, Mexico; NTVA, Norway; RAI, Spain; IVA, Sweden; SATW, Switzerland.  $6,000: ATSE, Australia; CAE, China; INAE, India; EAJ, Japan; RAEng, United Kingdom; NAE, United States.

[For the record, from the Council meeting of July 14, 2005, “…and noting that certain reservations had been expressed after the dues structure had been agreed. The reservations included: those academies paying the lowest level of dues should do so on a well justified basis and endeavor to strengthen their financial base and increase their dues payment to the middle level in the near term; decisions by the Board on these matters should be transparent and without the potential for conflict-of-interest.]

The Council agreed that the dues for FY2019 would be increased by 3%.

5c. Future CAETS Meetings

            2017 Annual Meeting             The President-elect reported that the RAIng is proposing that, under the broad theme of “Engineering a Better World,” the theme of the 2017 meeting will be “Challenges of the Bio-Economy.”  The meeting is scheduled for November 13 -16 the Academy building in Madrid.  The subject areas of focus will include future food security, the blue bio-economy, and bioenergy.   RAIng has discussed proposed speakers with appropriate member academies and very much welcomes their assistance in securing their commitment in the near future.  An international steering committee will be formed including interested individuals from member academies.

            2018 Annual  Meeting            Lucio Caceres, ANIU President, reviewed the proposed program on Sustainable Development of Agroforestry Systems for the 2018 meeting, to be held in Montevideo, September 10 – 14.  He welcomed member academies to identify a member to serve on a Program Committee.  Slides provided further detail (attached).  Other Latin American academies, not members of CAETS, will be invited.

            2019 Annual Meeting             Bjorn Nilsson, President of IVA, presented his academy’s current approach to the 2019 meeting, probably held during June in Stockholm.  2019 is the 100th anniversary of IVA.  One proposal is to focus on the highlights the contributions of engineering to address global challenges.  Another is to launch an annual event (engineering forum) which would bring leaders of industry and government together with engineers.  The discussion noted that there is an annual event involving science and engineering held in Kyoto.  General support was expressed for the overall title of “Engineering A Better World.”

6.         CAETS Going Forward          The work of the Strategic Review Committee was described by the committee chair, Elias Fereres.   The report summary was available to the participants (also attached).  Discussion encouraged continuing to include young engineers in the annual CAETS meetings, supported on a project basis rather than rely on the CAETS Reserve Fund.  The member academies, particularly the smaller academies, welcomed the emphasis on networking among member academies.  A few member academies with common interest in a specific project are encouraged to proceed using resources they assemble for their project.

            Regarding the requirement that academies of engineering aspiring to become members of CAETS must have been operating successfully for a minimum period of 5-years, the Council discussion showed preference for at least 3 years with flexibility for up to 5 years where warranted. 

            Academies seeking membership in CAETS need to demonstrate that they are the main Academy focus for engineering in their country; their main program focus is engineering-related; and that their members are responsible for all affairs of their academy. Academies seeking membership in CAETS need to demonstrate that their main program focus is engineering related and that their members are responsible for all affairs of their academy.

            New Zealand’s application for membership will be welcomed.

            Regarding the term of CAETS President, the Council discussion supported retaining the current one year term.

7.         Knowledge Sharing Platform Committee Report      Jincheng Kang (CAE) briefly reviewed the report (attached).  The discussion noted the need for the new Secretary of CAETS to be identified and then identify specific tasks.  Meanwhile, the Expert Group will continue to exist.

8.         Council Discussion, “Diversity”         Comments from 8 member academies in response to questions posed about diversity action in their own geographic spheres served as the basis for Council discussion.  A summary of responses was included in the papers for this meeting (attached).    After a brief introduction of the summary, the Council discussion included comments by the representatives of INAE and the Nigerian academy, of WFEO and ATSE, as well as the Council’s wish to further discuss this subject at future Council meetings.

9.         Euro-CASE Science Advice Mechanism       Euro-CASE has joined via an MOU with other Euro-based special field academies to provide science/technology advice to EU.  The Commission has provided support for studies without constraints.

10.       CAETS Committee on Energy           Baldev Raj gave a brief review of the recent report prepared by the Committee and its proposed future study.     Brief summaries of three options are being prepared for Committee discussion.

11.       Discussion topics for 2017 Council meeting              Engineering ethics, diversity, and big data were mentioned as possible topics.

            Convocation Statement          The current draft of the statement was circulated and received several constructive comments.  RAEng will provide a press release for the public.  RAEng will prepare a statement of the meeting and circulate it for comment.

            Cooperation with WFEO  (World Federation of Engineering Organizations)           Marlene Kanga, President-elect of WFEO, expressed interest in reviving the CAETS-WFEO MOU.  WFEO is welcome to propose a project-specific amendment that would be considered at the Spring 2017 CAETS Executive Committee meeting.

            Cooperation with IAP                        The President noted that CAETS had nominated a CAETS academy member to serve on an IAP study group and that nomination was accepted by IAP.  This project-by-project cooperation with IAP is in line with CAETS’ current views on such organization-organization collaboration

12.       Presentation of Certificates    The President presented CAETS Certificates of Appreciation to: Bob Evans, CAE, Canada;  Karl Almas, NTVA, Norway for their service on the CAETS Board of Directors during 2015-2016; and to Baldev Raj, INAE, India, for his service as CAETS President-elect for 2014, President for 2015, and Past President for 2016.

13.       The President adjourned the meeting at 16:00.

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