Sept. 12, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting London

July 24, 2016 5:44PM

CAETS Executive Committee Meeting,

0905 - 1020 Monday, September 12, 2016

Al Qusimi, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London

Summary Minutes

Draft 13 September 2016


Members:  Ann Dowling, President; Elias Fereres, President-elect; William C. Salmon, Secretary, Treasurer; Baldev Raj, Past President.

Guests: Lucio Caceres, ANIU; Adriana Gamboggi, ANIU; Shane McHugh, RAEng; Samantha Frost, RAEng; Jaime Domínguez, RAIng; Rajan Minocha, INAE; Al Romig, NAE(US).

  1. The President welcomed all.  She briefly described the objectives of the technical sessions organized for September 13 and 14, and noted Council discussions on “Diversity” and “CAETS Strategy Review.”  The meeting agenda as proposed was agreed.
  2. The Summary Minutes of ExCom Meeting of March 15, 2016 were approved.
  3. Report of the Secretary, Treasurer

Dues for 2016 have been received from all but one member academy.  The expenses for 2016 are within the budget and dues received. 

      The President noted that these meetings in London will be Bill Salmon’s last CAETS meetings serving as Secretary, Treasurer.  He will work with NAE over the next year to provide a smooth transition to a new Secretary, Treasurer.

4.    The Executive Committee offered no comment on the Audit, 2017 Budget, or 2018 Dues.

5.      The President-elect briefly described the 2017 CAETS Annual Meeting, hosted by RAIng, scheduled for November 14-17 (Tues-Fri), in Madrid.  In keeping with the general theme, “Engineering for a Better World” specific topics will include the contributions of engineering to the Bioeconomy, emphasizing challenges such as future food security, the food-land-energy nexus, and the blue bioeconomy.  As time is short, it is important to contact other member academies here in London to identify speakers.

            Lucio Cacares, ANIU representative briefly outlined the program proposed for September 9-13, 2018 in Montevideo.  The focus will be on “Sustainable Development of Agroforestry Systems” under the general theme of “Engineering for a Better World.” 

6.         A press release will be available covering the discussions of the Tuesday meeting (13 Sept.) and a statement covering the two-day program (13-14 Sept.) would be available for the Council’s consideration.  There would also be a statement on “Diversity” reflecting the Council’s discussion.

7.         The “CAETS Strategic Review” fed from the discussions in Delhi on the future of CAETS.  A review group led by the President-elect conducted a survey.  That led to three options.  The consensus of the group was to remain on current course, particularly the networking dimension, improving what is done where we can, within the limit of funds and talent available.

8.         New Zealand inquired about membership in CAETS.  As it is not an engineering academy, an engineering member would be welcome to attend CAETS meetings as an observer.

9.         CAETS, AI (Mexico) responded to the IAP invite to serve on a new study committee, “Improving Global Policy-making Strategies to Obtain Sustaining Development Goals.”

10.       Next ExCom meetings:  Spring 2017 Madrid; November 14, 2017 Madrid.

11.       Adjourn