March 15, 2016 Executive Committee Telcon

March 15, 2016 10:00AM   -   11:00AM

CAETS Executive Committee Telecom,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 10:00 AM (London time)

Summary Minutes


Approved 12 September 2016




Members:  Ann Dowling, President; Elias Fereres, President-elect (phone); William C. Salmon, Secretary, Treasurer; Baldev Raj, Past President (phone).

Guests: Shane McHugh, Samantha Frost, RAEng; Rajan Minocha, INAE (phone). 


  1. The President welcomed all.  The draft agenda was approved.
  1. The ExCom Summary Minutes of 12 October 2015 were approved.  There were no comments offered on either the Board of Directors Summary Minutes of 12 October 2015 nor on the Council Summary Minutes of 15 October 2015.
  1. a. The Secretary reported that the CAETS Audit Committee for the 2016 – 2017 term is:  Robert Evans, CAE (Canada); Al Romig, NAE; and Joan Zaorski, NAE.

b. The 2015 expense/income summary, attached to the draft agenda, has been given to the Audit Committee for its action.

c. The ExCom approved the INAE request for $8,500 from the Reserve Fund for expenses for printing and distribution of the recently completed CAETS Energy Report.

  1. a. The President and RAEng staff reviewed the current status of preparations of the 2016 CAETS Convocation: Sept. 12-16 (Monday – Friday), London;  Mon. – ExCom (9-10:30), BoD (11 – 12:30 or more as needed), Reception; Tue.-Wed. Convo; Thur. Council; Tours (M-Th, F).  Attendance of 400 is expected on Tuesday and 150 on Wednesday.

b. RAEng will invite to the Convo, including the Council meeting, Observers representatives from engineering academies in Pakistan, Nigeria, Ireland, and other appropriate countries, and the WFEO.

c. The program and schedule will be posted soon on the web, and updated as information becomes available.  There will be a headquarters hotel and other nearby hotels identified.  The registration fee for CAETS member reps will be GBP 150.

d. The two discussion topics for the September 15 Council meeting are: Diversity; and Big Data.  RAEng will prepare introductory material on both topics that will be sent to and elicit written views from member academies, which would be available well prior to the Council meeting to assist useful discussions.

  1. 2017 CAETS Annual Meeting, Madrid, during week of Monday 13 November:

The President-elect stated that the proposed schedule of meetings will be modified to be in line with normal CAETS meetings schedule.  The technical program will focus on sustainability of food, including “blue” food production as well as bio-economy.  RAIng will prepare a write-up of the meeting objectives and the Secretary will send to member academies for review and comment.

  1. 2018 CAETS Annual Meeting (Convo?), Montevideo, Uruguay, September 9-13:

ANIU provided a revised proposal for the schedule of meetings and the scope and objectives of the technical sessions.  Member academy review and comments are welcome.

  1. CAETS/IAP Relations:

The President reported on her discussion with Bob Pullen, who represented CAETS at the Hermanus meeting (28 Feb – 1 Mar).  IAP is proceeding in its way to incorporation in the US (DC) and will leave to CAETS to express any interest in joining at some later date.  One (of 3) topic(s) that IAP is considering for study is food sustainability, which appears to be in line with the focus of the 2017 CAETS meeting and thus an area of possible collaboration.  Bob will provide a written report in the near future.

  1. CAE (China) proposal for computer-based CAETS Knowledge Sharing Platform:

As follow-up to the Council meeting discussion on October 15, 2015, CAE (China) provided a brief (26 Feb. 2016) which has been sent to all CAETS member academies for review and comments.  CAE and RAEng are collaborating on using the CAE platform to carry the results of the second-day of the September CAETS meeting.  RAEng, INAE, and NAE (US) are each invited to submit a name to be a member of the initial committee to work with CAE. 


  1. CAETS Committee on Energy: The Energy Committee meets in Victoria 26-28 May 2016.   Four topics have been identified; the Victoria meeting will scope each topic and propose priorities.   These results would be distributed to member academies for review and comment and those results discussed in London in September.


  1. The President reported that she had been contacted by a number of member academies keen to follow-up the New Delhi discussion on “CAETS Going Forward.”  She proposes to set up a review group to look at CAETS’ strategy, operation and governance, with a report for the September 2016 Council meeting.  RAEng drafted terms of reference for the review group (attached), is contacting members as possible participants, and is prepared to support the group, including a brief survey.  The membership of the group would be approved by ExCom.  The ExCom agreed with the proposed review.


  1. The ExCom reviewed the history of the ATSE proposal for a CAETS/WMO  MOU and agreed no further action is needed.


  1. The Royal Society of New Zealand, by letter dated 16 February 2016, asks that it (a multi-disciplinary academy) be considered eligible for membership in CAETS and if that is the Council’s interpretation, then the RSNZ would intend to apply for membership.   The ExCom, noting the Bylaws specifics on academy membership, agreed to invite RSNZ to attend as an Observer and to add the subject of membership criteria to the “CAETS Going Forward” review group’s survey.   1.21.42  03/03


  1. New Business:                       INAE, by e-mail of 14 March 2016, sent to the Secretary, which the Secretary forwarded to all member academies and October 2015 CAETS meetings attendees, a revised 2015 CAETS Statement which was revised in light of member academy comments.  The statement is posted (item 10) with the October 15, 2015 Council meeting papers.  INAE asks that the statement be further processed by the Secretary, as has been done with statements of annual CAETS meetings (latest 2013).  The ExCom asks the Secretary to circulate the statement to member academies asking that academies confirm that this final text is the 2015 CAETS Statement, allowing 3 weeks for response should an academy have concern.


  1. Next ExCom meeting: 9:00 AM September 12, 2016,

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Savoy Place, London


  1. The President adjourned the meeting at 11:20 AM.


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