October 15, 2015 CAETS Council Meeting, New Delhi

October 15, 2015 9:00AM   -   4:00PM

/DiamaxCMS/Includes/DBLink.asp?ID=12303Council Meeting

0900 - 1600 Thursday, October 15, 2015

Banquet Hall, The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

Summary Minutes


Draft 5 Dec 2015

1.   The President welcomed all and asked the Secretary to lead through the agenda.

2.   The draft agenda was approved.   Self introductions were invited of those present.

3.   The Summary Minutes of the Council Meeting of  June 4, 2014  were approved.  The Secretary noted that the Summary Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting of June 1, 2014 and of Executive Committee Meeting of April 27, 2015 were approved by the respective bodies.

4.  The Secretary reported that at its meeting on 12 October, 2015, the Board of Directors:

  1. Received the Report of the Audit Committee concerning FY 2014;
  2. Approved the proposed FY 2016 Budget.
  3. Recommended that the Council approve continuing the current dues structure for FY 2017.
  4. Discussions on other topics will be noted when those topics are discussed by the Council.

5a.   The Council elected the following to the 2016 CAETS Board of Directors:

President-elect                        Elias Fereres                            RAIng, Spain

Member1                      Paul Verstraeten                      BACAS, Belgium

Member1                      Hideaki Koizumi                     EAJ, Japan

Member1                      Martin Philip Bendsoe            ATV, Denmark

Member1                      Jaime Parada                            AI, Mexico

                1 Term is 2016 and 2017current dues structure

5b.       As recommended by the Board, the Council approved continuation of the current dues structure for FY2017.  [The dues structure is:$1,000: ANI, Argentina; BACAS, Belgium; HATZ, Croatia; EA CR, Czech Republic;  MMA, Hungary; AcTI.nl, Netherlands;  IAS, Slovenia; SAAE, South Africa.  $2,000: ANIU, Uruguay.  $3,000: CAE, Canada; ATV, Denmark;  TAF, Finland; NATF, France; acatech, Germany; NAEK, Korea; AI, Mexico; NTVA, No rway; RAI, Spain; IVA, Sweden; SATW, Switzerland.  $6,000: ATSE, Australia; CAE, China; INAE, India; EAJ, Japan; RAEng, United Kingdom; NAE, United States.]

[For the record, from the Council meeting of July 14, 2005, “…and noting that certain reservations had been expressed after the dues structure had been agreed. The reservations included: those academies paying the lowest level of dues should do so on a well justified basis and endeavor to strengthen their financial base and increase their dues payment to the middle level in the near term; decisions by the Board on these matters should be transparent and without the potential for conflict-of-interest.]

5c. Future CAETS Meetings

            2016 Convocation                   The President-elect described the purpose, objectives, and schedule of the September 12-16 meetings to be held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Savoy Place, London on the theme “Engineering for a Better World – Capacity Building in the Developing World.”    The presentation will be available to all member academies in electronic copy, with the request that each academy respond to RAEng in the very near future with information on its related experiences and programs, and suggested speakers.

            2017 Annual Meeting             Jamie Dominguez’ reported that the RAI is proposing the theme of “Engineering Challenges of the Bio-Economy.”  The meeting will be scheduled for the end of October or the beginning of November at the Academy building in Madrid.  RAI is preparing a detailed description of its proposed program, which will be available to member academies in the very near future.  It was noted that the Board had encouraged that future CAETS meetings be related to the broad theme “Engineering of a Better World” and that it would be welcome for the RAI proposal to use that phrase in the heading of its proposal.

            2018 Meeting                          Adriana Gamboggi presented slides describing the ANIU proposed program theme of “Sustainable Development of Agroforestry Systems.”  The meeting is scheduled for Montevideo during September 9-13.   Revised slides will be available in the near future and copied to all member academies.  As with the 2017 meeting hosted by RAI, relating the theme of this program to the broad theme “Engineering of a Better World” is welcomed.

6.         Discussions with IAP (InterAcademy Partnerships)              The President reviewed his discussions with IAP leaders held in New Delhi in late September 2015 (notes attached) and briefly the discussions on this subject in the 12 October 2015 CAETS Board meeting.  The Board agreed that CAETS continue discussions with IAP and that the CAETS President-elect be the spokesperson for CAETS.  Ann Dowling agreed, on the basis that the CAETS interests include equal status with the Science and Medical units; no change in CAETS; and no financial or legal obligations for CAETS without specific prior agreement.  She proposed that, rather than spend time on organizational structures; we should identify a topic of mutual interest and experience project-level cooperation.  Other comments supported project-level cooperation, where justified on its own merits, and where individual member academies found participation within their scope of interests and resources.

6a.       CAE (China) Proposal            In support of  giving priority in future CAETS activities to information sharing among member academies, CAE proposes to setup a CAETS information platform linking all member academies’ web sites through internet connections.  A working group of representatives of member academies would be asked to identify the desired performance of this platform and make recommendations to the Council.  CAE will provide a written proposal in the near future for distribution to all member academies.

            CAE hosts the UNESCO Data Center and offers the web site of this Center to support the efforts of the proposed CAETS member academy platform.

            The Secretary will invite member academies to nominate representatives for the working group.

7.         Council Discussion “Improving Academy Operations”         Including appropriate representation of industry-based engineers within an academy’s membership is a challenge.   Several member academies briefly described efforts they make to reach a desired percentage of industry members and/or to maintain effective relations with a cross-section of leading engineering-based industries.

8.         Report of the CAETS Committee on Energy             INAE reported on the status of the Committee’s report “Transitioning to Lower Carbon Economy:  Technological and Engineering Considerations in Building and Transportation Sectors.”  (document attached)  Member academies will soon receive the hard-copy of the Committee’s report and are asked to respond within one month with improvements, corrections, comments, and questions.  A revised version of the report will then be posted online with copies sent to member academies as requested.

            Regarding future work of the Committee on Energy, the President proposed that the Committee prepare a list of three well-detailed options and send the list to member academies, asking each to respond with where their priorities lie in that list, and if they would contribute expertise to the Committee.  The Committee has agreed to meet in Vancouver in beginning of June 2016, to consider responses from member academies and prepare material to support a decision in September in London by the Council on the future work of the Committee.  The Council accepted the President’s proposal.

8a.       Report of the CAETS Noise Control Technology Committee (NCTC)         The Secretary noted that a report from the NCTC was included in the agenda material for information.

9.         “UN Year of Light”                Presentations were made by INAE, EAJ, NAEK, and AcIT.nl (documents attached).  Other member academy representatives commented briefly on light-related industrial activities within their countries.

10.       Review of draft Convocation Statement:  “Pathways to Sustainability: Energy, Mobility and Healthcare Engineering”              The President briefly described the development of the draft statement (attached), which had been distributed to representatives in hardcopy.  Comments included condensing the text and focusing on conclusions and recommendations.  A revised text will be sent to attendees in about two weeks, and member academies will be asked to review the draft and send to the Secretary improvements within the following month.  A revised version will be made reflecting the improvements received.

11.       “CAETS Going Forward”      The President introduced the topic, noting the highlights of the discussion on this topic during the Board of Directors meeting and its extended session on Monday, 12 October 2015.    Adopting a common theme for the annual technical sessions over a period of years was encouraged.  Starting in 2016 with “Engineering for a Better World” was accepted.  The topics proposed for the 2017 and 2018 CAETS meetings would be welcome to fit under that general theme.  The President proposed that the discussions on this topic of Monday during the Board meetings and that during this Council meeting be summarized in a two-page document for future use.

7. revisited      Gaining desired diversity within an academy’s membership              Representatives briefly mentioned current internal academy efforts to gain a more desired diversity,  specifically representation  from industry and women.  Also noted were pressures from within the membership as well from outside the academy that make the desired changes difficult and efforts made to get around these snags.    

                        Engaging national policy makers                    Comments enlarged this topic to communications among the engineering community and the public.  Talking about engineering in terms that deal with public concerns, such as helping society, improves the public appreciation of engineering, and would lead to improved policy maker’s interest in engineering.  Knowing the issues of concern to government agencies and the timing of major decisions and contributing academy studies/reports dealing with those issues and being in line with their timing greatly improves the opportunities to engage policy makers in academy activities.  Several representatives briefly mentioned their academy’s activities involving contact with government agencies. 

12.       Topics for Council Discussion Topics in 2016            Suggestions include: gaining desired diversity in the engineering community; autonomous vehicles; electric vehicles; recycling.  Member academies are invited to inform the Secretary of additional topics they suggest be considered.  A brief concept paper on each of two topics would be prepared, circulated to member academies, and their written contributions welcomed, all available well prior to the Council meeting.

13, 14. The Secretary described the objectives of the annual compilation of “Issues of Concern” and the “Activities of Interest.”  Contributions from member academies will be welcomed and added to the posted respective documents.  Suggestions on the description, as well as title, for either of the compilations would also be welcomed by the Secretary.

15.       The President asked Achiel van Cauwenberghe to review the report by Michael Manton on CAETS International Activities (attached).   The President proposed that the CAETS Executive Committee consider the nature of CAETS participation in technology/engineering-related international organizations and report to the Council.

16.       The President presented CAETS Certificates of Appreciation to: Lucas Noldus, AcTI.nl, Netherlands; Alan Finkel, ATSE, Australia; Dan Mote, NAE, US; and Joze Vizintin, IAS, Slovenia; for their service on the CAETS Board of Directors during 2014-2015; and to ZHOU Ji, CAE, China for his service as CAETS President-elect for 2013, President for 2014, and Past President for 2015.

17.       The President adjourned the meeting at 16:20.


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