October 12, 2015 CAETS Board of Directors Meeting, New Delhi

October 12, 2015 11:00AM   -   4:30PM

Board of Directors Meeting, Monday, October 12, 2015, The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

1130 – 1330 Meeting of the Board, Executive Lounge,

 1430 – 1630 Meeting with Member Academy Representatives, Hall 292,

Summary Minutes


Draft 22 Oct 2015

Meeting of the Board             Executive Lounge


Members:  Baldev Raj, President; Ann Dowling, President-elect; William C. Salmon, Secretary, Treasurer; ZHOU Ji, Past President;  C. D. (Dan) Mote, Jr., NAE;  Alan Finkel, ATSE; Lucas Noldus, AcTI.nl; Bruno Revellin-Falcoz, NATF;  Karl A. Almas, NTVA;  Robert L. Evans, CAE, Canada.

Guests: K V Raghavan, INAE; Rajan Minocha, INAE; Shane McHugh, RAEng; Samantha Frost , RAEng; KANG Jincheng, CAE; Jaime Domínguez, RAI; Adriana Gamboggi, ANIU; Ruth David, NAE (USA); Al Romig, NAE (USA).


1.         The President welcomed all and invited self-introductions by Members and Guests.  The President briefly reviewed the schedule and highlights of the October 12 -16 meetings and activities.  The draft agenda was approved.

2.         The Board approved the Summary Minutes of the Board Meeting of June 1, 2014.

3.         The Secretary briefly reviewed the highlights of the Executive Committee Meeting of October 12, 2015, noting that the Committee’s views would be mentioned in this Board meeting on specific topics as appropriate.

4a.       The Board approved receipt of the Audit Committee Report.

4b.       The Board approved the proposed 2016 CAETS Budget.

5b.       The Board recommends the Council approve continuation of the current dues structure for 2017.

5d.       The President –elect briefly described the structure, objectives and current planning for the 2016 Convocation, to be held during 12-16 September in London, with the theme "Engineering for a Better World – Capacity Building in the Developing World.”   A constructive discussion followed with several ideas offered.

            Re the 2017 CAETS meetings, Jaime Dominguez, RAI (Spain), briefly reviewed the current considerations being given within his academy to its desired theme for the meeting’s technical session: Engineering Role in the Bio-economy.  RAI will work with ANIU to ensure two constructive technical sessions.

            Re the 2018 CAETS meetings, Adriana Gamboggi, ANIU (Uruguay), briefly noted the focus of her academy’s desired technical session: “Sustainable Development of Agroforestry Systems.”

6.         The President reviewed his meeting in late September 2015 in New Delhi with IAP (InterAcademy Partnership) leaders regarding the possible future of IAP/CAETS cooperation.  The IAP leaders would welcome CAETS becoming involved with the formation of the evolving IAP as a full member, but would not accept an alternative arrangement if so desired by CAETS.  The President noted that the CAETS Executive Committee earlier in the day had supported the idea that a three-member CAETS group continues discussions with the IAP leadership.  He noted that the IAP would meet in South Africa on 28 February 2016 and would welcome CAETS representatives.  The President welcomed the Board’s advice on proceeding with discussions with IAP.

            After some discussion the President proposed that the Board propose to the Council that CAETS respond to IAP that: (1) CAETS is interested in continuing discussions with IAP; and (2) CAETS needs to better understand the role of engineering in the evolving IAP.  It was agreed that the President-elect be the CAETS spokesperson on this issue.  Ann Dowling agreed, on the basis that the CAETS interests include equal status with the Science and Medical units; no change in CAETS; and no financial or legal obligations for CAETS without specific prior agreement.

7, 9.     The Secretary briefly noted the two Council discussion topics, and that probably there would be limited time for each.  Hopefully we could discuss one or two items under “Improving Academy Operations” to learn how to structure this topic for useful discussion in future Council meetings.  He also noted that two Council discussion topics are needed for the 2016 Council meeting.

10.       The President briefly described the process for preparation of the Convocation statement.

11.       The President introduced the topic of “CAETS Going Forward” and asked others to offer their ideas on how to proceed with this topic in the afternoon session when all member academies would be represented.  CAETS statements are a practical vehicle, if the subjects were selected with prior consideration given to the desired end product, to improve the CAETS contribution to the broad engineering and national leadership communities.

            The President adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 13:30.


Next Board meeting:    Monday, September 12, 2016, London

Convocation, Tuesday - Wednesday, September 13, 14; Council Meeting Thursday, September 15

E-mail exchange when needed



Meeting of the Members of the Board and other Member Academy Representatives


Discussion: “CAETS Going Forward.”

            The President introduced the topic asking how CAETS could make a better impact on its constituent communities.  INAE presented its suggestions in a series of slides (attached). 

            The suggestion was made that CAETS could make a more significant impact if the topics of the annual technical sessions were coordinated around an important global issue rather than deal with issues of interest at the national or local level.  A long-term theme could be “Engineering and Humanity,” as this would attract a broader audience than a specific technical topic.   The notion of impact raises the question of with which international organizations CAETS should develop liaison?

            CAE offered to develop a computer platform for use by member academies, based on collaboration with the UNESCO data center in Beijing.  The objective would be to help member academies exchange information on their activities, and possibly expand to exchanges with additional engineering organizations outside CAETS.  The desired performance of the platform could be identified by CAETS working group representatives from member academies.

            The President suggested CAETS focus on a limited number of aspects of its activities.  His priority topics are:  CAETS impact and visibility; engineering and society; and capacity building.

            The President-elect suggested that as the theme for the 2016 annual meeting is “Engineering for a Better World” with a specific focus on capacity building, perhaps future annual technical sessions should adopt the theme and select a different specific focus for its technical session program.

            The President thanked all for their participation and adjourned the session at 16:05.


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