October 12, 2015 CAETS Executive Committee Meeting, New Delhi

October 12, 2015 9:00AM   -   11:00AM

CAETS Executive Committee Meeting,

0900 - 1040 Monday, October 12, 2015

Executive Lounge, The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

Summary Minutes


Draft 22 Oct 2015



Members:  Baldev Raj, President; Ann Dowling, President-elect; William C. Salmon, Secretary, Treasurer; ZHOU Ji, Past President.

Guests: K V Raghavan, INAE; Rajan Minocha, INAE; Shane McHugh, RAEng; Samantha Frost, RAEng; KANG Jincheng, CAE; Al Romig, NAE (US). 


  1. The President welcomed all and asked the Secretary to proceed through the agenda.  The draft agenda was approved. 
  2. Summary Minutes of the 27 April 2015 Executive Committee meeting were approved. 
  3. Report of the Secretary, Treasurer             2015 dues have been received from all but one member academy ($1,000).  2015 expenses are expected to be within budget and receipts.  The President met with IAP leaders in September in New Delhi.  The Energy Committee will report on its work.  The Noise Control Technology Committee’s report is included in the Council agenda material.  Pakistan and Nigeria academies are attending these meetings as invited Observers.  The 2014 Survey of all member academies is on the CAETS web site. The Audit Committee reported a clean audit.  The Board will be asked to approve the 2016 budget, which is similar to that of previous years.  The Council will be asked to approve continuation of the current dues structure for 2017.
  4. The President briefly reviewed the program and activities scheduled for the next few days, including the proposed process for completing the Energy Committee report, and the conference statement.
  5. The President-elect briefly reviewed the current plans for the 2016 CAETS Convocation hosted by RAEng in London, September 12 – 15, "Engineering for a Better World: Capacity Building in the Developing World.” 
  6. The President reviewed his meeting in September in New Delhi with representatives of the IAP (InterAcademy Partnership) during the annual meeting of the IAP/IAC.  In general terms, CAETS would be welcome to participate in an ad hoc basis or be an integral entity within the new IAP.  In February 2016 in South Africa IAP will address the collective views of the several interested parties and aim at concluding the drafting of its governing documents.  The Secretary briefly reviewed the history of cooperation with IAC and IAP with CAETS as an Ex-Offico member of the IAC Board and identifying engineering experts on a project by project basis.  The President will propose to the CAETS Board a mechanism to carry forward discussions with the IAP. 
  7. The President adjourned the meeting at 10:40 AM.



Next ExCom meetings:  1 or 2 meetings, Winter, Spring 2015 London;

September 12, 2015 London.

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