Committee on International Organizations (CIO)

The CIO was established by the CAETS Council in July 2005 to pursue one of the priorities of the CAETS Strategy: 2006 - 2010:

Engagement with the United Nations specialized agencies and related international organizations

Mission: Develop and implement an ongoing advisory/consultative role, with appropriate CAETS recognition, with the relevant scientific/technological organs of the United Nations(UN) System.
The UN agencies/activities in need of informed, objective advice on scientific, technological and engineering matters include: UN Environment Programme (UNEP); UN Development Programme (UNDP); UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD); UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); and World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
Member States and Territories of the UN, through their national delegations to sessions of these bodies have the opportunity for input and advice developed through their own domestic consultative arrangements, including that on scientific, technological and engineering issues from their own national academies. The envisaged role of CAETS over the next few years is to reinforce and complement the role of its member academies and provide consolidated input at the highest levels of the UN System by:
(i) Seeking Observer/Consultative status with key UN Agencies and Programmes with CAETS representation at the regular sessions of their governing bodies;
(ii) Encouraging and assisting CAETS member academies to be involved in the preparation of their national briefs and composition of national delegations to the governing sessions of these bodies;
(iii) Preparing a brief digest of major initiatives by CAETS and its member academies for input to the UN System and use by CAETS representatives in governing body sessions;
(iv) Inviting key relevant UN System Agencies and Programmes to be represented at CAETS Convocations; and
(v) Maintaining working relations on an equal basis with international, non-governmental engineering and scientific organizations, including the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO),Inter Academy Council (IAC), and the International Council for Science (ICSU), to facilitate cooperation and coordination in their input to UN System activities on engineering, technology, and scientific matters.

Immediate goals: Over the next two years, CAETS will:
· identify and establish initial working contacts with at least two key UN System agencies;
· arrange CAETS representation, by invitation, at one or more UN System governing body sessions;
· provide all relevant UN System agencies with an introduction to CAETS and its activities;
· establish working relations with WFEO, IAC, ICSU and other relevant non-governmental bodies in respect of CAETS linkages with the UN.

CIO is chaired by John Zillman (ATSE) and includes Tsuneo Nakahara (EAJ), Bruno Jarry (NATF), George Bugliarello (NAE,US), Achiel Van Cauwenberghe (BACAS), and CAETS Secretary, Bill Salmon.

CIO teleconference of March 12, 2007 Summary of 12Mar07 CIO Telecon.doc

CIO Report to the CAETS Council Meeting on June 2, 2006 Report to Council JZ12May06.doc
CIO Guidance on Input to IOs CIO Guidance on Input to IOs 22Mar06.doc
Introduction to CAETS CIO Brochure April 06.pdf CIO teleconference of March 3, 2006 Summary of 3Mar06 CIO telecon 22Mar06.doc

CAETS is engaged in cooperation with the following international organizations.

InterAcademy Council (IAC)

Summary Decisions of the 2007 IAC Annual Meeting SUMMARY ACTION ITEMS 2007 IAC BOARD.pdf


International Council for Science (ICSU)

International Science Panel on Renewable Energies (ISPRE) 07_01_29 ispre_minutes_draft_150107.doc


World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)

Colloquium on Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology, 6-8 June 2007 Tunis

CAETS/WFEO MOU on Cooperation and Promotion of Engineering

 and the following Intergovernmental Organizations

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


07_01_29 ispre_minutes_draft_150107.doc
Report to Council JZ12May06.doc
CIO Guidance on Input to IOs 22Mar06.doc
CIO Brochure April 06.pdf
Summary of 3Mar06 CIO telecon 22Mar06.doc
Summary of 12Mar07 CIO Telecon.doc

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